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Forgotten Engravings

Wiccan altar table As above so below , Wiccan decor, wooden Ritual Table, Luna moth Crystal Holder, witchcraft altar table.

Wiccan altar table As above so below , Wiccan decor, wooden Ritual Table, Luna moth Crystal Holder, witchcraft altar table.

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This Wiccan altar table is perfect for practitioners of the craft, crafted from natural wood and featuring a Luna moth Crystal holder. Its "As above, so below" design has been used for centuries in magical rituals, offering a decorative yet functional piece of Wiccan decor.

Handmade from engraved solid wood, this Wiccan altar table is perfect for any witch's home. Coming from a small business in The Netherlands, each altar tile is crafted with precision and care, allowing you to create an aesthetic altar with an elegant Luna moth Crystal Holder. Get your ritual table to cast your spells today!

This Wiccan Altar Table is a beautiful and durable addition to any witch's ritual space. With an engraved Luna Moth design and made from solid beech wood, this altar table is expertly crafted and perfect for storing spiritual tools, crystals, or tarot cards. Its brass floral feet lift the 11.8"x5.9" altar 1.2" above the surface, adding a unique touch to your sacred space.

This Wiccan altar table is a meaningful, handmade piece of decor. It features an engraving of the phrase "As above, so below" to express the idea that the microcosm reflects the macrocosm. Each altar table is made to order, providing a unique look and the best quality craftsmanship. Perfect for Wiccan decor, it’s a great piece to use as a wooden ritual table or witchcraft altar table. The crystal holder shaped like a Luna moth adds an extra special touch.

This Wiccan altar table uses an enduring symbol of the spiritual and physical realms—the phrase “As above, so below”—to create a meaningful piece of furniture for Wiccan decor. Both functional and beautiful, it is made of sturdy wood and hosts a Luna moth Crystal Holder, perfect for placing offerings, tools, or symbols. Uniquely crafted to symbolize the connection between the spiritual and physical realms, this altar table is a one-of-a-kind tool for your spiritual practice.

This Wiccan altar table features a Luna moth crystal holder, ideal for aligning yourself with the higher spiritual principles that govern the universe. As such, this wooden ritual table is perfect for providing a sense of harmony and balance to those participating in magical rituals and meditations.

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