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Forgotten Engravings

Tarot box wood As above so below with wiccan design, crystal box, wicca keepsake box wood, una moth design.

Tarot box wood As above so below with wiccan design, crystal box, wicca keepsake box wood, una moth design.

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Store your Tarot cards, crystals, and other keepsakes in this one-of-a-kind Wiccan Tarot box. Expertly crafted from wood in a Luna Moth design, this box can safely and securely store your precious objects while adding a beautiful accent to your workspace. The perfect gift for any Wiccan practitioner.

This handmade Tarot box wood is beautifully crafted from solid wood, featuring a unique Luna moth design. The As Above So Below wiccan design makes it an ideal wicca keepsake box for any crystal and tarot card collection. With quality materials and a small business in The Netherlands, this will make a great addition to any home.

This beautiful tarot box is the perfect way to store and transport your spiritual tools. Expertly crafted from beech hardwood with a triple moon goddess design and hand-engraved luna moth, this box is designed to last a lifetime. The brass floral design feet keep the box elevated above the table surface, providing an ideal home for tarot cards, crystals, and oracle cards. Make it yours and tap into your spirituality with this As Above, So Below Wicca box.

This As Above, So Below Tarot box by Una Moth Design is handcrafted from solid beech wood and decorated with an intricate express of interconnectedness. It symbolizes harmony of the universe, showing how the physical and spiritual realms are connected. Inside the box, you will find a velvet-lined surface with a size of 16cm (W) x 10cm (H) x 4cm (D), and the outside measures 22cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 7.7cm (D). A lasting and meaningful gift for any Wicca or Tarot keeper.

This Tarot Box Wood As Above So Below is a truly special and unique piece. Created to order with a wiccan design, this wooden box features an Una Moth design and beautiful crystal accents. Each piece is crafted with the highest quality and highest attention to detail, ensuring every box has its own unique and beautiful wood pattern and coloring.

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