About Us

Welcome to Forgotten Engravings!

Im Razvan, i started this hobby as a one man show  based in the Netherlands. My passion is to create products with meaning, which is why my shop specializes in laser-engraved products with vintage designs. Most of my work has gothic themes like Ouija boards or tarot boards and is made to bring the beauty of art and history into your life.

I started Forgotten Engravings because I love the idea of preserving history. I was an engraver 25 years ago and enjoyed the craft of laser-cutting and engraving new things every day. My clients had specific requests mostly commercial stuff. But one time, a client requested an old illustration engraved. I was fascinated by the illustration and its engraving turned out wonderfully so well that it inspired me to pay more attention to vintage illustrations in general. I found that many antique engravings are not only beautiful, but also incredibly intricate and detailed, which is what makes them so interesting. As I pursued a new career, I often remembered the joy I felt when creating those illustrations. Eventually, this made me decide to share them with the world by opening up a shop where people could purchase custom laser-engraved objects, including gothic art such as Ouija boards , tarot boards and gothic style wall art decor  .
As you shop at Forgotten Engravings, I want you to feel like you´re getting more than just a piece of art you´re getting a relic of another time. That´s because each piece is an original illustration from another time, hand-transferred into an engraving that will last for generations. It is a lot of work to transfer an old illustration into a new engraving, but it´s also incredibly rewarding to bring out the natural beauty of a piece of wood and make it unique in a way that other types of woodworking can´t achieve.
I´m happy you stopped by my shop, and I hope you get as much enjoyment from my crafts as I had making them! Enjoy!